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Curly haired province girl is introduced to porn by the studs at Teen Thais - 8 min

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Province girls in Thailand are most likely uneducated young ladies who come to the big city of Bangkok to seek out fame and forture. This is exactly what young Nen did, coming to the big city to work the a-gogo clubs, and meeting foreigners with a video camera and a love of hot Thai pussy.

Nen is an expert at sucking cock. She has learned by first working in a blowjob bar in Pattaya at the young age of 18, and then moving into a better higher end club later to refine her skills on better paying customers. She is a full figured Thai beauty, with wide hips, but small tits. She knows how to pleasure a man orally. This 18 year old Thai beauty knows also how to ride a cock.


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