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Teen Fidelity presents Alina Li

Chinese porn star Alina Li on a date with her boy and lots of sex - 14 min

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Chi Chi Zhou is Chinese born American porn star Alina Li. She is drop dead gorgeous. Her perfect ass and perfect pussy make her a memorable Asian porn star to watch fuck. On this date at Teen Fidelity, she goes out on the town in Los Angeles to China Town to discover some of the sights. While there, she gets to know her boy, and they hold hands, kiss, and eventually start making out. It's only a matter of time until the stud takes her to a back alley and fucks her right there. Later they go back to their hotel room, and role play. She is the Geisha and he is her customer. They make sensual love with one another.

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Alina Li

Big Trouble in Little China

Beautiful Chinese Teen

Outdoor sex with Alina Li

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