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Rorie Smokes The Bone Dry

Cebu prostitute Rorie gives sensual massage to foreigner in hotel bathtub

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Rorie is a very gorgeous 23 year older who we met at Temptations Bar in downtown Cebu City working the club. We watched her go down on some guy in the back by the pool tables with a friend of hers. She was totally a game girl.

It wasn't hard to convince this hot full bodied slut to come back to the hotel room to shoot porn. She was very happy to do so and didn't mind making some money on the side. She played a very sexy massage hostess. She took the customer in, treated him very well with a shower, and then got down to the sensual massage. Using the soap, water and her body to get this guy hard was easy. He mouth finally got around his cock and he blew it. She's a professional who knows how to suck dick. Watch the entire Rorie video inside Trike Patrol.

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