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Filipina Potchie Full Video

Potchie is pimped out by her friends to sex tourist John Tron in this hot creampie fuck video - 17min

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One of the ways these foreign xxx film makers get the girls over to their place to fuck on video, is by paying the girls they've fucked before to bring new talent in. This way, it elliviates the need to constantly search out new pussy, when the girl pimp out their friends and bring the talent to your door.

John is introduced to Potchie, from a couple past hot fucks. The chat and giggle a bit on the bed, before the two who brought John Potchie, leave them alone to fuck. Potchie is a large breasted beauty, with wide hips, large round Asian breasts, and a hairy cameltoe pussy that loves big cocks.

Potchie obviously came from an Angeles City, Philippine club, because she knew how to suck dick, and actually enjoyed the big cock. John Tron of course blew his warm load deep inside her for a cream pie finish. He must of put his load into hundreds of girls by now. It's a great scene featuring a beautiful well endowed Asian girl who certainly enjoys a good fuck.

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