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Asian Sex Diary presents Jennilyn

Mystery Hangover girl Jennilyn is a beautiful young Filipina to fuck - 6 min

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This young Filipina cutie is Jenelyn. She is an 18 year older living and working in Angeles City, Philippines trying to make ends meat. Her night job is a dancer and GRO at a local Go Go Bar, where she can usually get a barfine to make 1500p a night. Tonight, she's with the rock hard sex tourist hell bent on fucking and creamping her young pussy.

She's a bit shy at first, but loves to fuck. Her tiny little ass and pussy move up and down to perfection banging this perverts big dick long and hard. He cums deep inside her and moans while he does so. She's a hot little mystery fuck to remember, especially after having a bad hang over drinking on Fields Avenue.

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