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Asian Sex Diary presents Angela

Full figured Pinay teen gives great head before giving up her pussy - 6 min

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Angela at Asian Sex Diary

This fantastic Manila teen is Angela. She recently had a child, and is back working at the club to make ends meat. She can make 1500p to 2000p every night fucking some guy. This night it just so happens to be German sex tourist John Tron. He barfines her, takes her back to his hotel, and ends up getting all he desires from this full bodied Filipino. She is gorgeous from head to toe, with large round breasts, and a tight pussy that is shaved. John fucks her bareback, as he does with all his women, and cums inside her at the end. Great start of the scene watching Angela's cock sucking abilities. She's actually very good at it, and knows how to make a man hard and feel really good.


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John Tron fucks Angela

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